Pololu Zumo Shield for Arduino User’s Guide

Assembled Zumo Robot for Arduino with an Arduino-compatible A-Star 32U4 Prime LV.

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1. Overview
1.a. Contacting Pololu
1.b. Included components
2. Assembly
2.a. What you will need
2.b. Assembling the Zumo Shield and chassis
2.c. Adding a Zumo reflectance sensor array (optional)
3. The Zumo Shield in detail
3.a. Features and components
3.b. Front expansion
3.c. Jumper settings
3.d. Inertial sensors (accelerometer, magnetometer, and gyro)
4. Schematics and dimensions
5. Arduino pin assignment table
6. Zumo Shield Arduino library
7. Example sketches
7.a. RC Zumo
7.b. Simple border-detecting sumo robot
7.c. Collision-detecting sumo robot
7.d. Line follower
7.e. Maze solver
7.f. Coordinating turns with the compass
8. Controlling a servo
8.a. Controlling a servo with an Arduino Uno
8.b. Controlling a servo with an Arduino Leonardo or A-Star 32U4 Prime

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