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Capable of speeds exceeding 3 feet per second, the Pololu 3pi is a great first robot for ambitious beginners and a perfect second robot for those looking to move up from non-programmable or slower beginner robots. It is designed to excel in line following and maze solving, but this little robot can do a lot more than that!

The Pololu Zumo is a tracked robot platform that is small enough to qualify for Mini Sumo competitions and works with a variety of micro metal gearmotors. You can use the chassis as the base for your custom robot or get one of our complete Zumo robots.

The Romi chassis is a differential-drive mobile robot platform with a diameter of 6.5″ (165 mm). The plastic components making up the chassis are available in six colors, either individually or in kits including motors and battery contacts. Control electronics and quadrature encoders are also available.

This category includes the Balboa 32U4 Balancing Robot Kit, which includes control electronics, and Balboa Chassis Kit, which lets you supply your own electronics. Here you can also find Balboa accessories and the most recommended motors and wheels to complete the kits.

Tamiya’s wide range of affordable, beginner-level robot kits are easy to assemble and require no soldering.

Intermediate to advanced kits that require soldering.

Beginner to advanced kits that do not require soldering.

General purpose bases for your mobile robot.

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