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QTR-8RC Reflectance Sensor Array

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This sensor module has 8 IR LED/phototransistor pairs mounted on a 0.375" pitch, making it a great detector for a line-following robot. Pairs of LEDs are arranged in series to halve current consumption, and a MOSFET allows the LEDs to be turned off for additional sensing or power-savings options. Each sensor provides a separate digital I/O-measurable output.

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  • Raspberry Pi line following with QTR-8RC and WiringPi

    Raspberry Pi line following with QTR-8RC and WiringPi

    by Ryan - 22 March 2017

    Customer Thomas Broughton made a line follower robot controlled by a Raspberry Pi that directly connects to a Pololu QTR-8RC reflectance sensor...

  • Tower of Hanoi robot

    Tower of Hanoi robot

    by Ryan - 17 February 2017

    Pololu forum user Martin_H posted about his robot that plays the Tower of Hanoi with paper blocks. An RP5 chassis drives along a track, locating...

  • Grant's line following robot: Pinto

    Grant's line following robot: Pinto

    by Grant - 27 May 2015

    My entry for the LVBots line following competition last month was a rehash of my line following robot from last year, Pinto. Unfortunately, my...

  • Claire's line following robot: Oddish

    Claire's line following robot: Oddish

    by Claire - 7 May 2015

    A few weeks ago the local robotics club, LVBots, hosted a line following competition here at Pololu, and like many of the engineers here, I built a...

  • Brandon's line following robot: The Chariot

    Brandon's line following robot: The Chariot

    by Brandon - 6 May 2015

    For the recent LVBots line following competition, my first instinct was to try to come up with some unique alternative design for a robot that would...

  • Community project: 2pi, a simple line following robot

    Community project: 2pi, a simple line following robot

    by Jeremy - 3 October 2014

    The 2pi, built by Mark Moran, is a line following robot based on our 3pi robot. The 2pi uses our 100:1 micro metal gearmotors, motor brackets,...

  • PID line follower with 5" robot chassis

    PID line follower with 5" robot chassis

    by Claire - 18 April 2014

    This PID line follower, originally featured in this Let’s Make Robots post by user Enigmerald, uses our 5" Robot Chassis along with 30:1 MP micro...

  • Claire's dead reckoning robot

    Claire's dead reckoning robot

    by Claire - 28 March 2014

    Like several of the other engineers here at Pololu, I made a robot to compete in the LVBots Dead Reckoning Competition that took place recently....

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