10:1 Micro Metal Gearmotor HPCB 12V with 12 CPR Encoder, Side Connector

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This is a miniature brushed DC metal gearmotor with a gearbox cross section of 10×12 mm and a 9 mm long, 3 mm diameter D-shaped gearbox output shaft. Cables sold separately.

motor/brush type gearbox encoder
HPCB 12V: high-power 12V with carbon brushes 9.96:1 with brass plates 12 CPR incremental quadrature with side connector

voltage no-load performance stall extrapolation*
12 V 3400 RPM, 80 mA 0.17 kg⋅cm (2.4 oz⋅in), 0.75 A
* Note: Stall torque and stall current specifications are theoretical values; stalls could damage the motor or gearbox.

Alternatives available with variations in these parameter(s): gear ratio motor type encoder Select variant…

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Size: 10 × 12 × 32 mm1
Weight: 11 g
Shaft diameter: 3 mm2

General specifications

Gear ratio: 9.96:1
No-load speed @ 12V: 3400 rpm3
No-load current @ 12V: 0.08 A4
Stall current @ 12V: 0.75 A
Stall torque @ 12V: 0.17 kg·cm
Max output power @ 12V: 1.5 W
No-load speed @ 6V: 1700 rpm5
Stall current @ 6V: 0.38 A5
Stall torque @ 6V: 0.09 kg·cm5
Encoder: 12 CPR encoder with side connector
Long-life carbon brushes?: Y
Motor type: 0.75A stall @ 12V (HPCB 12V - carbon brush)

Performance at maximum efficiency

Max efficiency @ 12V: 37 %
Speed at max efficiency: 2500 rpm
Torque at max efficiency: 0.043 kg·cm
Current at max efficiency: 0.25 A
Output power at max efficiency: 1.1 W


Output shaft adds 10 mm to the 32 mm length, and the encoder extends past the 10 × 12 gearbox cross section on three of the four sides. See dimension diagram for details.
D shaft.
Typical; ±20%.
Typical, ±50%; no-load current depends on internal friction, which is affected by many factors, including ambient temperature and duration of motor operation.
This motor will run at 6 V but is intended for operation at 12 V.

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