Pololu 400-Point Breadboard with Mounting Holes

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This 3.2″ × 2.1″ solderless breadboard has four bus lines spanning the length of the board and 30 rows of pins, enough for up to four 14-pin DIP ICs or three 16-pin DIP ICs. The rows and columns of tie points are conveniently labeled, and multiple units can be connected for larger projects. The board features an adhesive backing and eight mounting holes, providing a variety of options for mounting it to your project.

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Solderless breadboards are commonly used for prototyping because they allow you to quickly build temporary circuits without soldering. Breadboards accept most through-hole parts and up to 22 AWG wire. When you’re done or want to change your circuit, it’s easy to take your circuit apart. For best results, use solid wires when breadboarding; you’ll find pre-cut jumper wire kits and premium jumper wires especially convenient.

Two sides of the breadboard have tabs and the other two sides have compatible slots, which lets you connect multiple 400-point breadboards for more prototyping space. The breadboard features a masked adhesive backing that can be used to secure it to your project.

Adhesive backing is one option for securing the Pololu 400-Point Breadboard to your project.

Also, unlike competing alternatives, this breadboard features eight mounting holes for M2 or #2 screws. These holes are spaced evenly down the center on a 1 cm pitch, and they provide a variety of other mounting options, such as the ability to mount the breadboard on your robot chassis with standoffs. The following pictures show this breadboard mounted on a Romi Chassis:


Dimension diagram of the Pololu 400-Point Breadboard with Mounting Holes. Units are mm over [inches].

This dimension diagram is also available as a downloadable pdf (486k pdf).

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