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Pololu item #: 312
Price: $5.50

This basic set contains 10 pieces of each of 14 different lengths. The small transparent plastic case has 5 compartments. The amount of wire is appropriate for smaller projects.

Pololu item #: 354
Price: $9.95

This wire kit contains 25 pieces of each of 14 different lengths in a case that has adjustable compartments and two secure latches. The compartment bottoms are rounded for easy retrieval of small wires or components. The adjustable parts box by itself is also available separately.

Pololu item #: 313
Price: $12.95

This deluxe wire kit contains 25 pieces of each of 14 different lengths. The case is compartmentalized and has a lid. This set has enough wire for large projects or several smaller projects.

Pololu item #: 355
Price: $3.95
Out of stock.

This 8″ × 5.5″ × 1.5″ component box has adjustable compartments, two secure latches, and rounded bottoms for easy retrieval of small parts, such as jumper wires, header pins and connectors, screws and nuts, or discrete components. The box includes six compartment dividers.

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