GWS S35 STD Continuous Rotation Servo

GWS S35 STD Continuous Rotation Servo
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This product has been discontinued.

Suggested replacements: Power HD Continuous Rotation Servo AR-3606HB or SpringRC SM-S4303R Continuous Rotation Servo

The GWS35 continuous rotation servo is a standard-sized servo that has been built by GWS for continuous rotation. Since servos have their own integrated control circuitry, this unit gives you an easy way to get your robot moving.

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What are the three wires coming out of my servo?

Most standard radio control servos (and all RC servos we sell) have three wires, each a different color. Usually, they are either black, red, and white, or they are brown, red, and orange/yellow:

  • brown or black = ground (GND, battery negative terminal)
  • red = servo power (Vservo, battery positive terminal)
  • orange, yellow, white, or blue = servo control signal line

Please check the specs for your servo to determine the proper power supply voltage, and please take care to plug the servo into your device in the proper orientation (plugging it in backwards could break the servo or your device).