A-Star 328PB Micro - 3.3V, 8MHz

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The A-Star 328PB Micro is a tiny programmable module featuring the ATmega328PB AVR microcontroller, a backward-compatible replacement for the popular ATmega328P that features more general-purpose I/O and many additional peripherals. This module provides access to all 24 digital input/output pins (of which 9 can be used as PWM outputs and 8 as analog inputs), all on a board measuring only 1.3″ × 0.7″. It ships preloaded with an Arduino-compatible serial bootloader that enables programming through the Arduino IDE via a USB-to-serial adapter, and the ISP pins are accessible for programming with an AVR programmer. This version features an 8 MHz resonator and a 3.3 V regulator that can be powered from 3.8 V to 15 V supplies.

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Size: 0.7″ × 1.3″ × 0.1″1
Weight: 1.5 g1

General specifications

Processor: ATmega328PB @ 8 MHz
RAM size: 2048 bytes
Program memory size: 32 Kbytes2
Motor channels: 0
User I/O lines: 243
Minimum operating voltage: 3.8 V
Maximum operating voltage: 15 V
Logic voltage: 3.3 V
Reverse voltage protection?: Y4
External programmer required?: N
Version: 3.3 V logic, 8 MHz resonator

Identifying markings

PCB dev codes: ac05a
Other PCB markings: 0J11021
Power LED color: green


Without included optional headers.
Note that 512 bytes of the MCU's 32 KB of flash memory is used by the pre-installed serial bootloader. All 32 KB is available when programming via the ISP header rather than the bootloader.
All 24 can be used as digital I/O and 8 can be used as analog inputs. 19 of the 24 are available along the sides for use in a breadboard; the remaining five are accessible along the bottom edge.
On BAT+.

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