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The Zumo 32U4 robot is a complete, versatile robot controlled by an Arduino-compatible ATmega32U4 microcontroller. When assembled, the low-profile tracked robot measures less than 10 cm on each side, making it suitable for Mini-Sumo competitions.

At the heart of the Zumo 32U4 is an integrated ATmega32U4 AVR microcontroller from Atmel, along with dual H-bridge drivers that power the robot’s motors. The robot also features a variety of sensors, including quadrature encoders and inertial sensors (accelerometer and gyro) on the main board, along with reflectance and proximity sensors on the front sensor array. On-board pushbuttons offer a convenient interface for user input, and a 128×64 graphical OLED display (LCD on original version), buzzer, and indicator LEDs allow the robot to provide feedback.

Like our A-Star 32U4 programmable controllers, the Zumo 32U4 features a USB interface and ships preloaded with an Arduino-compatible bootloader. We provide a software add-on that makes it easy to program the Zumo 32U4 from the Arduino environment, as well as a set of Arduino libraries to help interface with its on-board hardware.

Zumo 32U4 versions

The original version of the Zumo 32U4 includes an 8×2 character LCD, while the newer Zumo 32U4 OLED incorporates a graphical OLED display instead. The information in this user’s guide generally applies to both versions, and the name “Zumo 32U4” covers both the original (LCD) and OLED versions except where specific differences are noted.

Our Zumo3U4 Arduino library generally allows code written for the LCD version to work on the OLED version with minimal changes (and the reverse is also true as long as your code does not make use of the OLED’s graphical capabilities).

Assembled Zumo 32U4 robot, top view.

Assembled Zumo 32U4 OLED robot, top view.

The LCD version of the Zumo 32U4 main board has been produced in two revisions that use different on-board inertial sensor ICs: v1.0 boards had an LSM303D accelerometer and magnetometer and L3GD20H gyro, while v1.1 boards have an LSM6DS33 accelerometer and gyro and an LIS3MDL magnetometer (the same sensors used on the OLED version).

Comparison with the Zumo robot kit for Arduino (with Zumo Shield)

Our older Zumo robot for Arduino, built with a Zumo Shield, is another Arduino-compatible robotic platform based on the Zumo chassis. The Zumo Shield is designed for a board with a standard Arduino form factor, like an Arduino Uno, Arduino Leonardo, or A-Star 32U4 Prime, to plug into it and act as its controller.

Assembled Zumo 32U4 OLED robot.

Assembled Zumo Robot for Arduino with an Arduino-compatible A-Star 32U4 Prime LV.

By contrast, the Zumo 32U4 includes an on-board ATmega32U4 microcontroller (the same one used in the Leonardo and A-Star 32U4 boards), combining the functions of the Zumo Shield and the separate Arduino controller into a single board and enabling the resulting robot to be even more compact. However, it remains just as easy to program as a standard Arduino, thanks to its USB interface and preloaded Arduino-compatible bootloader. The Zumo 32U4 also adds many features that are not found on the Zumo Shield, including encoders, an OLED display or LCD, and proximity detection.

Some of the pin mappings and software libraries differ between the Zumo 32U4 and Zumo robot for Arduino, so programs written for one robot generally need to be modified to work on the other.

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