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Pololu m3pi User’s Guide

Fleet of m3pi robots: ARM’s original m3pi (left) and Pololu’s m3pis (right).

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1. Overview
1.a. Contacting Pololu
1.b. Included Components
1.c. Other Things You Might Need
2. Assembly
2.a. Adding Components to the Top of the Expansion PCB
2.b. Connecting the m3pi Expansion Board to the 3pi Robot
3. Using the m3pi
3.a. mbed in Control
3.b. Wixel in Control
3.c. 3pi in Control
4. The Expansion Board in Detail
4.a. mbed and Wireless Module Sockets
4.b. Power
4.c. Pushbuttons
4.d. General-Purpose Voltage Dividers and MOSFET Circuits
4.e. LEDs
4.f. Charge Port
4.g. AVRISP Connector
4.h. USB A Connector
4.i. 3pi Base Pins
4.j. Prototyping Space
4.k. m3pi Schematic Diagram

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