Custom Laser Cutting Guide

Custom laser cutting of stainless steel.

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1. Steps for Ordering Laser-Cut Parts
2. Pricing for Laser Cutting
3. Materials for Laser Cutting
4. Capabilities and Limitations of Custom Laser Cutting
5. Instructions for Laser Cutting File Setup
6. Examples of Custom Laser-Cut Parts
6.a. Laser Cutting Example: Robot Chassis Parts
6.b. Laser Cutting Example: Architectural Ornament Created from a Photograph
6.c. Laser Cutting Example: Giant 3-D Pterosaur Puzzle
6.d. Laser Cutting Example: Servo-Driven Sumo Robot
6.e. Laser Cutting Example: Pentominoes Puzzle With Engraved Solutions
6.f. Laser Cutting Example: Calculator Robot Chassis
6.g. Laser Cutting Example: Acrylic Cat Logo

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Custom Laser Cutting Service
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