2. Pricing

Pricing for custom laser cutting orders depends on the amount of machine time, labor, and the complexity of your parts.

Some factors that affect the price of laser-cut parts include the following:

  • Minimum order: We charge $25 minimum for the first material and $15 minimum for additional materials.
  • Laser-cutting and engraving cost: We quote designs based on the material type, material thickness, and the complexity of your design: the more cutting, scoring, and engraving required, the more expensive your design will be, and thicker materials cost more than thinner ones. We base cutting and scoring costs on the linear cutting/scoring distances, and we base engraving cost on the perimeter of the engravings.
    • Cutting 3 mm acrylic starts at $0.15 per linear inch.
    • Other 3 mm plastics (ABS, Delrin, styrene, PETG) start at $0.25 per linear inch.
    • Scoring starts at $0.10 per linear inch.
    • Engraving starts at $1 per square inch.
  • Material cost: We stock various materials, which we sell by the square foot. We can also special-order materials or cut customer-supplied materials. Here are starting prices for the materials we cut most often:
    • 1/8″ MDF starts at $2 per square foot.
    • 3 mm birch plywood starts at $3 per square foot.
    • 3 mm ABS starts at $4 per square foot.
    • 3 mm acrylic starts at $5 per square foot.
    • 6 mm acrylic starts at $10 per square foot.
  • UV-printing set-up fee: We charge $50 per unique UV-printing layout.
    • We reduce the set-up fee for repeat orders.
  • UV-printing cost: We quote UV-printed designs based on layout size, number of ink layers, and printing resolution.
    • Typical, 600 DPI resolution four-layer prints (primer, white, color, clear) start around $15 per square foot (plus set-up fees).
    • High-resolution four-layer prints (600 DPI primer, 1200 DPI white, 1200 DPI color, 600 DPI clear) start around $25 per square foot (plus set-up fees).
  • Shipping cost: Our quotes do not include shipping. Shipping is added during the checkout process, and we offer various FedEx, UPS, and USPS options. We can also ship on your FedEx or UPS account.
  • Expediting cost (optional): In addition to the base quote, we typically offer expediting options for each quote, with faster service costing 20-50% more per expedited day.
  • Volume pricing: Our rates decrease as the job size increases, and we can offer competitive pricing for large orders (especially if you need many copies of the same design, or if the designs are simple and do not require special handling).
  • File creation: If you are unable to provide a vector or CAD file, we might be able to create the file for you. Our file creation service costs $60 per hour, with a $15 minimum.

If your design files are all set up, you can submit a quote request:

Otherwise, read on for more information about our laser cutting and UV printing services, including how to set up your files.

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