6. Examples of Custom Laser-Cut Parts

6.a. Laser Cutting Example: Robot Chassis Parts
6.b. Laser Cutting Example: Architectural Ornament Created from a Photograph
6.c. Laser Cutting Example: Giant 3-D Pterosaur Puzzle
6.d. Laser Cutting Example: Servo-Driven Sumo Robot
6.e. Laser Cutting Example: Pentominoes Puzzle With Engraved Solutions
6.f. Laser Cutting Example: Calculator Robot Chassis
6.g. Laser Cutting Example: Acrylic Cat Logo

We can cut almost any two-dimensional part that you can draw. We have made many types of custom laser-cut parts, including:

  • custom jewelry and charms
  • custom robot parts
  • custom stencils
  • encoder wheels
  • custom computer case parts
  • custom computer fan grills
  • custom instrumentation panels
  • luthier templates and tools
  • instrument inlays
  • instrument-making tools
  • custom enclosures

  • custom sign lettering and logos
  • custom ornaments
  • custom trophies
  • custom awards
  • custom gifts
  • custom trinkets
  • custom gaskets
  • custom art pieces
  • custom radio control airplane parts from Depron foam or balsa wood
  • custom model railroad parts
  • other scale model parts

Browse the following sections to see some examples of laser cutting projects.

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