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New Products

VL53L5CX Time-of-Flight 8×8-Zone Distance Sensor Carrier with Voltage Regulator, 400cm Max
3.3V Step-Up Voltage Regulator U3V16F3
Motoron M3H256 Triple Motor Controller for Raspberry Pi (Connectors Soldered)
Free Circuit Cellar magazine September 2022
DRV8434A Stepper Motor Driver Carrier
Motoron M2T256 Dual I²C Motor Controller (Header Pins Soldered)
Motoron M2S24v16 Dual High-Power Motor Controller Shield Kit for Arduino
6-AA Battery Holder, Enclosed with Switch
DRV8874 Single Brushed DC Motor Driver Carrier
Motoron M2H24v16 Dual High-Power Motor Controller for Raspberry Pi (Connectors Soldered)
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