Parallax Scribbler 2 Robot

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This product has been discontinued.

The Scribbler 2 Robot (S2) is a fully assembled robot pre-programmed with eight demo modes including line-following and light-seeking. Custom programs for the S2 can be built using the graphics-based S2 GUI or text-based Propeller Tool code editor, both of which are available to download for free. These options, along with Parallax’s user-friendly documentation and manuals, make the S2 a great choice for both beginning and expert programmers.

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The Scribbler 2 Robot (S2) is pre-programmed with eight demo modes, including light-seeking, object detection, object avoidance, and line-following, and if you place a Sharpie marker in the pen port, the Scribbler will draw as it drives!

The S2 can be reprogrammed with the S2 GUI (Graphical User Interface) or with Parallax’s BASIC-like Spin language using the Propeller Tool code editor. It features a multi-core Propeller microcontroller, which means that different Spin subroutines can run concurrently. Controlling motors, managing sensors, and interfacing with the hacker port can all be done at the same time, even while playing sound; the Propeller makes it all possible!


  • Three light sensors
  • Two obstacle avoidance sensors
  • Two line following sensors
  • Two independent DC motors to drive the wheels
  • Wheel encoders for precise maneuvers
  • Stall sensors for wheel motors
  • Pen port to insert a marker so the Scribbler can draw as it drives
  • Speaker to play a wide range of sounds and musical notes
  • Programmable indicator lights
  • Microphone for detecting tones from other S2 robots
  • Bi-color LEDs for visual feedback
  • Hacker port for connection to external sensors, RF devices, and servos


  • Six AA alkaline or NiMH batteries are required but not included.
  • Programming the Scribbler using the S2 GUI requires a PC running Windows XP/Vista/7 and Internet access to download the software.
  • The S2 connects to your PC via a serial port and you will need a serial cable (not included) to program the S2.
  • If your computer does not have a serial port, you will also need a Parallax USB to Serial Adapter and a USB A to mini-B cable (not included) to connect the Scribbler to a USB port.

Key Specifications

  • Power requirements: 6 AA alkaline or NiMH batteries, not included.
  • Communication: Serial programming interface to PC. The S2 requires a serial cable to program it, not included.
  • Scribbler dimensions: 7.4 × 6.25 × 3.2 in (188 × 158.8 × 81 mm)
  • Operating temperature range: +50 to +158 °F (+10 to +70 °C)
  • System Requirements for S2 GUI: Windows (XP/Vista/7) and Internet access to download the software.

Programming Options

Graphic-based program for the S2.

Program with Graphics

The S2 GUI (Graphical User Interface) uses pictures instead of words to build programs to control the S2’s motors, lights, and sensors, and even play music on its speaker. Point and click to select different tiles, place them in your program, and set their actions. Fun for new roboticists, but powerful enough to keep even experienced programmers engaged.

Text-based program for the S2.

Program with Text

Text-based programs for your S2 Robot can be written with the Propeller Tool code editor. Propeller’s multi-processing capability allows more direct control over the motors, sensors, speaker and lights. Parallax tools support Spin or assembly language under a Windows platform, but other suppliers offer C or PropBASIC on Mac, PC or Linux operating systems. Programming the S2 directly with the Propeller Tool Code Editor gives access to the hacker port which can be used for RF devices, ultrasonic sensors, passive infrared sensors and anything else you wish to attach or power from your S2 robot.

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