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Parallax PING))) Ultrasonic Sensor #28015
Parallax Feedback 360° High-Speed Servo
Parallax (Futaba S148) Continuous Rotation Servo #900-00008
Parallax ColorPAL
Parallax USB-to-Serial (RS-232) Adapter #28030
Parallax Boe-Bot Robot Kit - USB (with USB A to Mini-B cable) #28832
Parallax SumoBot Robot Competition Kit - Serial (with USB Adapter and Cable) #27402
Parallax BASIC Stamp 2 Module #BS2-IC
Parallax Scribbler 2 Robot
Parallax BASIC Stamp Discovery Kit - Serial (with USB adapter and cable) #27207

New Products

Jrk G2 21v3 USB Motor Controller with Feedback
Dual TB9051FTG Motor Driver for Raspberry Pi (Partial Kit)
QTR-HD-04RC Reflectance Sensor Array: 4-Channel, 4mm Pitch, RC Output
Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+
Bumper Cage Kit for Balboa
Glideforce LACT10P-12V-10 Light-Duty Linear Actuator with Feedback: 25kgf, 10" Stroke, 1.1"/s, 12V
Glideforce LACT2P-12V-10 Light-Duty Linear Actuator with Feedback: 25kgf, 2" Stroke, 1.1"/s, 12V
Glideforce LACT4P-12V-10 Light-Duty Linear Actuator with Feedback: 25kgf, 4" Stroke, 1.1"/s, 12V
Stability Conversion Kit for Balboa
Pololu Multi-Hub Wheel w/Inserts for 3mm and 4mm Shafts - 80×10mm, Black, 2-pack
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