Parallax PING))) Ultrasonic Sensor #28015

Parallax PING))) Ultrasonic Sensor #28015
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This easy-to-use distance sensor from Parallax employs sonar to detect objects from approximately 0.75 – 120 inches (2 cm – 3 meters). The Ping distance sensor has status LEDs and requires only one I/O pin. The on-board three-pin header makes the PING))) compatible with a solderless breadboard.

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File downloads

PING))) documentation (398k pdf)
Detect distance with the PING))) (168k pdf)
Measure water level with the PING))) (72k pdf)
Article about the Parallax Ping))) Ultrasonic Sensor in Nuts and Volts magazine. (375k pdf)
Instructions for building a robot using the PING))) (155k pdf)
This explanation for building your own robot using the PING))) sensor requires additional parts, some of which can be purchased on this site including the BASIC Stamp 2, servo wheels, continuous rotation servos, a 6-AA battery holder, and a caster wheel. All required parts are listed in the file.
BASIC Stamp example code for the PING))) (8k zip)
This file contains example code for using a PING))) sensor, including a program for converting raw measurements to inches or centimeters and a program that demonstrates using the PING))) for roaming with a Boe-Bot.