Wixel Programmable USB Wireless Module (Fully Assembled)

Wixel Programmable USB Wireless Module (Fully Assembled)
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The Pololu Wixel is a general-purpose programmable module featuring a 2.4 GHz radio and USB. You can write your own software or load precompiled, open-source apps onto the TI CC2511F32 microcontroller at the heart of the Wixel, turning it into a wireless serial link, data logger, or whatever you need for your current project. With 29 KB of available flash and 4 KB of RAM, the Wixel is even suitable as the main controller for a robot or other system. This version ships with 0.1" male header pins installed as shown.

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Size: 0.7" x 1.5"
Weight: 4.5 g

General specifications

Processor: CC2511F32 @ 24 MHz
RAM size: 4096 bytes
Program memory size: 29 Kbytes
User I/O lines: 15
Minimum operating voltage: 2.7 V1
Maximum operating voltage: 6.5 V
Reverse voltage protection?: Y
External programmer required?: N
Partial kit?: N


Can operate down to 2.0 V if power is applied directly to the 3V3 pin, but in this case USB can not be plugged in at the same time.