Wixel Programmable USB Wireless Module (Fully Assembled)

Wixel Programmable USB Wireless Module (Fully Assembled)
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The Pololu Wixel is a general-purpose programmable module featuring a 2.4 GHz radio and USB. You can write your own software or load precompiled, open-source apps onto the TI CC2511F32 microcontroller at the heart of the Wixel, turning it into a wireless serial link, data logger, or whatever you need for your current project. With 29 KB of available flash and 4 KB of RAM, the Wixel is even suitable as the main controller for a robot or other system. This version ships with 0.1" male header pins installed as shown.

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Is the Wixel compatible with Zigbee, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth?
No. The Wixel uses the CC2511F32 microcontroller from Texas Instruments, which does not support any of those standard protocols. The Wixel is compatible with the CC2500 transceiver, the CC2510Fx family, and the CC2511Fx family of chips from Texas Instruments.
Can a pair of Wixels be used as a wireless USB cable?
No. USB is an asymmetric system consisting of USB hosts and USB devices. An example of a USB host would be your computer. An example of a USB device would be your keyboard, your mouse, or a Wixel. USB devices can only talk to the host, and they cannot initiate communication on their own.