VNH3SP30 Motor Driver Carrier MD01B

VNH3SP30 Motor Driver Carrier MD01B
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This carrier board for ST’s VNH3SP30 motor driver IC operates from 5.5 to 16 V and can deliver a continuous 9 A (30 A peak). It offers built-in protection against reverse-voltage, over-voltage, under-voltage, over-temperature, and over-current and makes a great general-purpose motor driver.

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In the description, it says that by using heat sinks, you can deliver more current. Where on the board are the heat sinks applied, and do you have any specific ones you can recommend?
We do not have any particular heat sinks to recommend, and the options you have will depend on your installation (basically, the bigger, the better). You can apply heat sinks from either side of the board, but if you apply them to the bottom side of the PCB, be careful not to short out different nets.