Orangutan LV-168 Robot Controller

Orangutan LV-168 Robot Controller
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The Orangutan LV-168 is a full-featured controller for low-voltage robots. Thanks to a step-up voltage regulator, you can power this Orangutan with two or three 1.2-1.5 V batteries while maintaining 5 V operation for its Atmel mega168 AVR microcontroller and your sensors. A pair of discrete, low-voltage H-bridges deliver up to 2 A continuous per channel to get the most power out of low-voltage motors.

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Size: 2.15" x 1.90"
Weight: 35 g

General specifications

Processor: ATmega168 @ 20 MHz
RAM size: 1024 bytes
Program memory size: 16 Kbytes
Motor driver: discrete MOSFETs
Motor channels: 2
User I/O lines: 81
Max current on a single I/O: 40 mA
Minimum operating voltage: 2 V
Maximum operating voltage: 5 V
Continuous output current per channel: 2 A
Peak output current per channel: 5 A
Maximum PWM frequency: 10 kHz
Reverse voltage protection?: Y
External programmer required?: Y
LCD included?: Y


All 8 can be used as digital I/Os and 6 can be used as analog inputs. Two additional dedicated analog inputs can be accessed on the PCB if their jumper connections to optional hardware are removed.