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Orangutan X2 with VNH3

Pololu item #: 716

This product has been discontinued.

Please consider one of our other robot controllers as an alternative.

This robot controller is by far the most powerful Orangutan, and it is intended for small and medium-sized robots. The design features a dual-AVR architecture that leaves an ATmega1284P AVR microcontroller almost completely available to the user while taking care of low-level motor control tasks on a pre-programmed mega328, which also doubles as a programmer for the master processor. This version features VNH3SP30 motor drivers. It does not include an LCD.

Alternatives available with variations in these parameter(s): motor driver LCD included? Select variant…

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Documentation and other information

Pololu AVR C/C++ Library User’s Guide (Printable PDF)

Information about installing and using the C/C++ libraries provided for use with Pololu products.

CP2102 USB-to-Serial Bridge Driver Installation (Printable PDF)

CP2102 Drivers and installation instructions for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The CP2102 is used on the Pololu USB-to-Serial Adapter, the Orangutan USB Programmer, the USB 16-Servo Controller, and the Orangutan X2.

Pololu AVR Library Command Reference (Printable PDF)

A reference to commands provided in the Pololu C/C++ and Arduino libraries for the AVR.

Orangutan X2 Command Documentation v1.01 (Printable PDF)

Documentation of the low-level SPI commands used to control the Orangutan X2’s auxiliary ATmega328 microcontroller. These commands are implemented by the Pololu AVR Library, so beginners do not need to concern themselves with the details in this document.

Programming Orangutans and the 3pi Robot from AVR Studio 4

Guide for programming Orangutans and the 3pi robot from the Atmel’s older AVR Studio 4 IDE. It covers installing the Pololu AVR C/C++ Library, and setting up the Pololu USB AVR Programmer.

File downloads

Orangutan X2 quick-start guide and schematic (4MB pdf)
Orangutan X2 schematic (63k pdf)
VNH3SP30 motor driver datasheet (586k pdf)
VNH2SP30 motor driver datasheet (670k pdf)
Crystalfontz CFAH2004K-YYH LCD datasheet (3MB pdf)
Orangutan X2 firmware update procedure (330k pdf)
Orangutan X2 firmware v1.01 (65k zip)
This firmware update fixes several minor bugs that were present in the initial firmware release v1.00.
Orangutan X2 firmware v1.02 (64k zip)
This is an optional, minor firmware upgrade that slightly improves reset/program button debouncing.
LSM303DLM Orangutan example project (5k zip)
This sample program shows how to use an LSM303DLM 3D compass and accelerometer carrier with an Orangutan robot controller to build a tilt-compensated digital compass. The AVR Studio project is set up for an ATmega328P microcontroller, but it will work on other Orangutans with simple changes to the project configuration.

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