DRV8876 (QFN) Single Brushed DC Motor Driver Carrier

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This compact breakout board for TI’s DRV8876 motor driver offers a wide operating voltage range of 4.5 V to 37  and can deliver a continuous 1.1 A to a single bidirectional brushed DC motor. The DRV8876 also features integrated current sensing and regulation that lets it limit the peak motor current to about 2 A by default, as well as built-in protection against under-voltage, over-current, and over-temperature. The carrier board adds protection against reverse voltage.

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Size: 0.6″ × 0.7″
Weight: 0.8 g1

General specifications

Motor driver: DRV8876
Motor channels: 1
Minimum operating voltage: 4.5 V
Maximum operating voltage: 37 V
Continuous output current per channel: 1.1 A
Peak output current per channel: 2 A2
Current sense: 2.49 V/A
Maximum PWM frequency: 100 kHz
Minimum logic voltage: 1.8 V
Maximum logic voltage: 5.5 V
Reverse voltage protection?: Y
Header pins soldered?: N

Identifying markings

PCB dev codes: md41b
Other PCB markings: 0J13402


Without included hardware.
Default current limit with 5 V on %(overline)SLEEP%, determined by on-board resistors.

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