Pololu Chassis Kit for TI-RSLK MAX

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RoHS 3 compliant

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Note: This product is Pololu’s portion of the TI-RSLK Robot, which is a Texas Instruments product that TI is no longer supporting. We are continuing to make the chassis kit available for those who need replacement parts for their existing TI-RSLK robots, but we do not recommend it for new applications.

This is Pololu’s portion of Texas Instruments Robotics System Learning Kit (TI-RSLK) MAX. A TI MSP432P401R LaunchPad with custom-soldered headers (not included) is required to complete the robot.

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General specifications

Minimum operating voltage: 5.2 V1
Maximum operating voltage: 10.8 V


Subject to dropout voltage considerations. See the dropout voltage graph under the description tab for more information.

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