Adafruit Flex Perma-Proto Half-Sized Breadboard Flex-PCB

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This half-sized perma-proto board from Adafruit functions similarly to a standard perf-board in that through-hole parts must be soldered to the board, but the holes are internally connected like on a 420-point breadboard, with four bus lines that each span the length of the board and 30 rows of electrically connected pins. Unlike breadboards and perf-boards, this flex perma-proto board is made from thin polyamide film, which makes it incredibly flexible. Three mounting holes and its flexible design make this board great for fitting your circuit onto a curved surface or into your wearable electronics project.

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Size: 3.1″ × 1.7″ × 0.005″1

General specifications

Point count: 4201


Per PCB.

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