UM6-LT Orientation Sensor

UM6-LT Orientation Sensor
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This product has been discontinued.

This board has been replaced by the UM7-LT.

The UM6-LT ultra-miniature orientation sensor from CH Robotics is an OEM version of their UM6 orientation sensor, providing equivalent functionality without the enclosure or connectors. Like the UM6, it uses rate gyros, accelerometers, magnetic sensors, and an on-board 32-bit ARM Cortex processor to compute sensor orientation 500 times per second. Sensor orientation is reported using either quaternions or Euler angles over a TTL serial interface at user-customizable rates.

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File downloads

Datasheet for the CHR-UM6 orientation sensor (1MB pdf)
Document rev. 2.4, updated October 14, 2013 to add UART example code and additional SPI information.
Getting Started with the UM6 Orientation Sensor (675k pdf)
This application note provides instructions for communicating with, configuring, and calibrating the UM6 and UM6-LT orientation sensors from CH Robotics.
Understanding Euler Angles (255k pdf)
The UM6 and UM6-LT orientation sensors use Euler angle representations by default , and this application note from CH Robotics helps explain what Euler angles are.
Understanding Quaternions (57k pdf)
The UM6 and UM6-LT orientation sensors can represent orientation with quaternions, which avoid certain problems that can occur when using Euler angles. This application note from CH Robotics helps explain what quaternions are and how to use them.
Estimating Velocity and Position Using Accelerometers (43k pdf)
This application note describes how to use the UM6 or the UM6-LT to estimate velocity and position (dead-reckoning using accelerometers). It also explains why this estimate will not be accurate enough for most applications.
Sensors for Orientation Estimation (127k pdf)
The UM6 and UM6-LT orientation sensors each use a three-axis accelerometer, gyro, and magnetometer to estimate orientation. This application note explains in more detail the purpose of each sensor and the math involved in combining them.
Reprogramming the Firmware on the UM6 and the UM6-LT (243k pdf)
The UM6 and UM6-LT orientation sensors are designed to be easily reprogrammed when a firmware upgrade is needed. This application note provides a detailed description of how to reprogram both devices.