Orangutan SV-328 Robot Controller

Orangutan SV-328 Robot Controller
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Want to build a small robot that doesn’t look like a PCB on wheels? The Orangutan is small enough for integrating into a small robot, rather than being the small robot. With Atmel’s powerful ATmega328P AVR microcontroller, motor drivers, buttons, display, and buzzer, all you need to add is your own chassis, sensors, software… you know, the fun stuff!

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On the Orangutan LV-xx8 and SV-xx8, there seems to be a “normal” power connection and an “alternate” power connection. Can you explain what the “alternate” is for?
The two power connection options are just different physical options for connecting to the same electrical nodes. For instance, many small battery packs come with a 0.1" female connector that could be plugged into a male header soldered into the alternate power location. For other power sources, such as a battery holder with wire leads, the screw-style terminal blocks might be a better option.
My Orangutan SV-xx8 came with a small bag of capacitors … what are these for? Are they 0.1 uF caps for motor suppression? Do I need to solder them onto the board somewhere?
The capacitors are indeed for motor noise suppression. They are 0.1 uF caps, and we provide two of them so that you can put one across the leads of each motor.