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3.10. Pin assignments

The table below lists the most important pin assignments for the ATmega32U4 on the Zumo 32U4. This table is helpful if you want to add your own electronics to the Zumo 32U4, write your own low-level code for interfacing with the hardware, or just want to understand better how the Zumo 32U4 works. Each row represents a physical pin on the ATmega32U4.

The “ATmega32U4 pin name” column shows the official name of the pin according to the ATmega32U4 datasheet.

The “Arduino pin names” column lists the names provided by the Arduino environment for the pin. These names can generally be used as arguments to any function that takes a pin number. However, there are some exceptions. For example, passing the number 4 to analogRead actually reads pin A4, not pin 4. Also, due to hardware limitations, some functions only work on a limited set of pins.

The “Zumo 32U4 functions” column documents what the pin is used for on the Zumo 32U4. Many pins can serve multiple purposes concurrently by switching modes. For example, PB0 can read the state of button C when it is an input, and it can control the red LED and serve as an LCD data line when it is an output.

The “Note/alternate functions” column documents other features of the pin, although some of those features might be impractical to use.

pin name
pin names
Zumo 32U4 functions Notes/alternate functions
PB7 11 Line sensor IR LED control Timer0 PWM output A (OC0A)
Timer1 PWM output C (OC1C)
UART flow control (RTS)
Pin-change interrupt (PCINT7)
PF7 A0, 18 Line sensor 1 (leftmost) Analog input (ADC7)
JTAG test data in (TDI)
PF5 A2, 20 Line sensor 2
Left proximity sensor
(function selected by jumper)
Analog input (ADC5)
JTAG test mode select (TMS)
PF4 A3, 21 Line sensor 3 (center)
Analog input (ADC4)
JTAG test clock (TCK)
PD4 4, A6, 24 Line sensor 4
Right proximity sensor output
(function selected by jumper)
Analog input (ADC8)
Timer1 input capture pin (ICP1)
PD6 12, A11, 29 Line sensor 5 (rightmost) Analog input (ADC9)
Timer4 PWM output D (OC4D)
Timer1 counter source (T1)
PF1 A4, 22 Front proximity sensor Analog input (ADC1)
PC6 5 Proximity LED PWM Timer3 PWM output A (OC3A)
Timer4 PWM output A (OC4A)
PF6 A1, 19 Proximity LED selection
Battery level input (VBAT/2)
Analog input (ADC6)
JTAG test data out (TDO)
PD2 0 LCD control line (RS) UART receive pin (RXD1)
External interrupt source (INT2)
PD3 1 LCD control line (E) UART transmit pin (TXD1)
External interrupt source (INT3)
PB3 14, MISO User pushbutton A
LCD data line DB4
SPI Master Input/Slave Output (MISO)
Pin-change interrupt (PCINT3)
PB0 17, SS Red LED (RX)
User pushbutton C
LCD data line DB5
SPI slave select (SS)
Pin-change interrupt (PCINT0)
PC7 13 Yellow LED
LCD data line DB6
Timer4 PWM output A (OC4A)
Timer3 input capture pin (ICP3)
Divided system clock output (CLKO)
PD5 - Green LED (TX)
User pushbutton B
LCD data line DB7
UART external clock (XCK1)
UART flow control (CTS)
PD7 6, A7, 25 Buzzer PWM Analog input (ADC10)
Timer4 PWM output D (OC4D)
Timer0 counter source (T0)
PB6 10, A10, 28 Left motor PWM Analog input (ADC13)
Timer1 PWM output B (OC1B)
Timer4 PWM output B (OC4B)
Pin-change interrupt (PCINT6)
PB2 16, MOSI Left motor direction SPI Master Output/Slave Input (MOSI)
Pin-change interrupt (PCINT2)
PB5 9, A9, 27 Right motor PWM Analog input (ADC12)
Timer1 PWM output A (OC1A)
Timer4 PWM output B (OC4B)
Pin-change interrupt (PCINT5)
PB1 15, SCK Right motor direction SPI Clock (SCK)
Pin-change interrupt (PCINT1)
PB4 8, A8, 26 Left encoder XORed input Analog input (ADC11)
Pin-change interrupt (PCINT4)
PE2 - Left encoder input Hardware bootloader select (HWB)
PE6 7 Right encoder XORed input Analog comparator negative input (AIN0)
External interrupt source (INT6)
PF0 A5, 23 Right encoder input Analog input (ADC0)
PD0 3, SCL I²C clock for inertial sensors Timer0 PWM output B (OC0B)
External interrupt source (INT0)
PD1 2, SDA I²C data for inertial sensors External interrupt source (INT1)
RESET - Reset pushbutton internally pulled high, active low
AREF - - Analog reference

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