Pololu Jrk USB Motor Controller User’s Guide

Pololu jrk 21v3 and 12v12 USB motor controllers with feedback.

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1. Overview
1.a. Module Pinout and Components
1.b. Supported Operating Systems
1.c. PID Calculation Overview
2. Contacting Pololu
3. Configuring the Motor Controller
3.a. Installing Windows Drivers and the Configuration Utility
3.b. Input Options
3.c. Feedback Options
3.d. PID Options
3.e. Motor Options
3.f. Error Response Options
3.g. The Plots Window
3.h. Upgrading Firmware
4. Using the Serial Interface
4.a. Serial Modes
4.b. TTL Serial
4.c. Command Protocols
4.d. Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) Error Detection
4.e. Motor Control Commands
4.f. Error Reporting Commands
4.g. Variable Reading Commands
4.h. Daisy-Chaining
4.i. Serial Example Code
4.i.1. Cross-platform C
4.i.2. Windows C
5. Setting Up Your System
6. Writing PC Software to Control the Jrk

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