MMA7260QT 3-Axis Accelerometer ±1.5/2/4/6g

MMA7260QT 3-Axis Accelerometer ±1.5/2/4/6g
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This product has been discontinued.

This product has been replaced by the MMA7361L 3-Axis Accelerometer.

Our popular triple-axis accelerometer is a basic carrier board for the Freescale MMA7260QT XYZ-axis accelerometer, a great low-g sensor with adjustable sensitivity from ±1.5 g to ±6 g. Our breakout board includes a 3.3 V regulator for easy integration into 5 V microcontroller projects, and the unit is smaller than competing products, all at a lower price.

Recommended replacements: MMA7361L 3-Axis Accelerometer ±1.5/6g with Voltage Regulator and MMA7341L 3-Axis Accelerometer ±3/11g with Voltage Regulator.

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Can I use a linear accelerometer to measure the rotation or tilt of my robot?
A 3-axis accelerometer measures linear acceleration in the x, y, and z directions. It does not measure rotational motion or rotational acceleration, so it will not put out any signal that can tell you if the board is in the process of turning. That kind of measurement is done by a gyroscope or “gyro”, which Pololu does not currently carry. However, if you want to know the current tilt angle, you can get that information from the accelerometer, since gravity is one component of acceleration. For example, if your robot is designed to have its z-axis pointing up, but it is at rest on a slope that tilts slightly upward in the x direction, you will measure a small positive acceleration on the x channel of the accelerometer. It is important to realize that your robot must come to a complete stop to get an accurate measurement of tilt using this technique. Otherwise, any changes in motor speed will result in accelerations in the x or y directions that do not correspond to a tilt.