Shunt Regulator: 13.2V, 1.50Ω, 15W

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This shunt regulator can protect power supplies from voltage spikes generated by motor controllers they are connected to. This version has a fixed set point of 13.2 V, a shunt resistance of 1.50 ohms, and a total of 32 SMT shunt resistors populated on both sides of the PCB (this is the higher-power version). An external potentiometer can also be added to change the set voltage.

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Size: 0.80″ × 1.125″ × 0.33″
Weight: 3.0 g

General specifications

Output voltage: 13.2 V
Shunt resistance: 1.50 Ohm
Power: 15 W
Maximum quiescent current: 0.5 mA

Identifying markings

PCB dev codes: tvs01a
Other PCB markings: 0J11055

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