Force-Sensing Linear Potentiometer: 1.4″×0.4″ Strip

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Brand: Interlink
RoHS 3 compliant

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This force-sensing linear potentiometer (FSLP) from Interlink Electronics is a passive component with resistances that depend on the magnitude and location of the force applied at some point along the 1.4″ (3.6 cm) active length of the strip, making it easy to add novel touch interfaces or tactile sensors to your project. An external resistor (typically 4.7 kΩ to 10 kΩ) is required but not included.

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Force-sensing linear potentiometer (FSLP): 1.4″×0.4″ strip.

Force-sensing linear potentiometer (1.4″ FSLP strip) with a US quarter for size reference.

Pinout of the 1.4″×0.4″ force-sensing linear potentiometer (FSLP) strip.

Connection diagram for reading a force-sensing linear potentiometer (FSLP) with a microcontroller.

The two force-sensing linear potentiometers (FSLPs).

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