Pololu 9V Step-Up/Step-Down Voltage Regulator S10V3F9

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This switching regulator uses the SEPIC topology to produce 9 V from input voltages between 2.5 V and 18 V. The wide input range coupled with its ability to convert both higher and lower input voltages makes it useful for applications where the power supply voltage can vary greatly, as with batteries that start above but discharge below 9 V. The compact (0.4″ × 0.575″) module can supply over 300 mA in typical applications.

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Pololu fixed-output step-up/step-down voltage regulator S10VxFx with included optional header pins.

Pololu 5V, 9V, and 12V step-up/step-down voltage regulators S10V4F5, S10V3F9, and S10V2F12: bottom view with dimensions.

Pololu fixed-output step-up/step-down voltage regulators S10VxFx in a breadboard.

Pololu fixed-output step-up/step-down voltage regulator S10VxFx in a breadboard.

Typical maximum output current of Pololu 9V step-up/step-down voltage regulator S10V3F9.

Typical efficiency of Pololu 9V step-up/step-down voltage regulator S10V3F9 vs output current.

Typical efficiency of Pololu 9V step-up/step-down voltage regulator S10V3F9 vs input voltage.

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