USB Weather Board

USB Weather Board
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This product has been discontinued.

This product has been replaced by the Weather Shield for Arduino.

This USB weather board from SparkFun is fitted with a SCP1000 absolute pressure (and temperature) sensor, a SHT15 humidity sensor, and a TEMT6000 ambient light sensor. This allows the on-board ATmega8 to deliver pressure, humidity, temperature, and light level via USB. Serial output is a single ASCII string at 9600bps, 8N1, at 1 reading per second.

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File downloads

USB weather board datasheet (113k pdf)
USB weather board schematic (415k pdf)
Example Windows .NET application by Mike Williams (250k zip)

USB weather board firmware v20 (18k zip)
Firmware hex file and source code for the USB weather board.
TEMT6000 ambient light sensor datasheet (120k pdf)
SHT15 humidity and temperature sensor datasheet (334k pdf)
SCP1000 absolute pressure sensor datasheet (294k pdf)
SCP1000 product family manual (2MB pdf)
Manual that explains the protocol and configuration options of the SCP1000 family of pressure sensors.