Wall Power Adapter: 5.25VDC, 1A, USB Port

Wall Power Adapter: 5.25VDC, 1A, USB Port
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This UL-listed 5 W, “wall wart”-style switching power adapter supplies up to 1 A at a regulated 5.25 VDC to 5 V USB devices. The AC adapter works with input voltages of 100 – 240 VAC and has an indicator LED that lets you know it is powered. It has a Type-A USB receptacle (the same as on a laptop or desktop computer) that accepts standard USB cables.

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This UL-certified AC-to-DC converter gives you an easy way to deliver up to 1 A to your USB-powered device from a US-style AC electrical socket. It has been specifically designed to supply 5.25 V instead of 5 V to help ensure that the device it is powering receives close to 5 V even when the current draw is high. Since the USB specification allows supply voltages up to 5.25 V, this adapter is safe for use with compliant devices.

This adapter does not include a USB cable, but it features a USB “A” port that you can plug a standard USB cable into. It is great for powering devices like Raspberry Pis, Arduinos, Wixels, and Maestro servo controllers.

We carry the following USB cables that are compatible with this wall wart:

We also carry thinner versions of those cables, which are more flexible, but use thinner-gauge wires that might not be as suitable for high currents:

Note: This adapter might not be suitable for powering all USB-powered devices as some USB devices go into suspend mode if they do not see activity on the USB data lines. If the device is configurable, like our Maestro servo controllers, you might be able to disable this suspend functionality so that it can run while powered from an adapter like this. This adapter’s data lines have resistors on them that match what is inside of an Apple iPhone charger, so it should work with anything that can be charged by an iPhone adapter.

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