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Basic Sumo Blade for Zumo Chassis

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This 0.036″-thick stainless steel plate can be mounted to the front of the Zumo chassis to create a slanted, bulldozer-like blade for pushing around objects, such as other mini-sumo robots.

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This basic sumo blade (sometimes also called a “scoop”) is intended for use with the Zumo chassis and included as part of the assembled Zumo Robot for Arduino. (Note: It is not the same as the blade included with the newer Zumo 32U4 Robot, and it is not intended for use with this version of the Zumo robot.)

It is made of 0.036″-thick, laser-cut stainless steel, and it ships flat as shown in the product picture. The two tabs must be bent to an angle of approximately 70° before it can be mounted to the front of the Zumo chassis. We recommend using a pair of long-nose pliers to bend the tabs:

Basic sumo blade for Zumo chassis, with mounting tabs bent.

Basic sumo blade mounted on a Zumo chassis.

Warning: Do not try to bend the tabs after mounting the blade to the Zumo chassis as this could crack the chassis’ acrylic mounting plate or the mounting tabs themselves.

The chassis mounts to the two protruding front mounting holes of the Zumo chassis using the #2-56 screws included with the chassis kit.

Basic sumo blade mounted on a Zumo chassis, side view.

Dimensions of the basic sumo blade for Zumo chassis.

You can also use our laser-cutting service to create a custom sumo blade for your Zumo chassis. The design for this basic blade (3k dxf) can be used as a starting point for your custom plate.

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