Pololu Simple Motor Controller 18v7

Pololu Simple Motor Controller 18v7
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The Pololu Simple Motor Controller makes basic control of brushed DC motors easy, with our free Simple Motor Control Center software enabling quick configuration over USB. The controller supports four interface modes: USB, TTL serial, analog voltage, and hobby radio control (RC). This version operates from 5.5 to 30 V and is efficient enough to deliver a continuous 7 A (>30 A peak) without a heat sink. It ships with the power capacitor and connectors included but not soldered in, allowing for custom installations.

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How often is the analog input sampled? How quickly is the motor updated?

The analog input readings on the Simple Motor Controller are updated approximately every 2.3 ms (435 Hz) if the “Ignore pot disconnect” option is selected. If that option is not selected, which is the default, the readings are updated half as frequently.

If no acceleration or deceleration limits are used, the outputs of the motor controller will be updated very quickly (within a few hundred microseconds) after the analog reading is complete. If those limits are enabled, the motor might take up to a millisecond to be updated after the analog reading is complete.