Pololu Dual MC33926 Motor Driver Shield User’s Guide

Pololu dual MC33926 motor driver shield, assembled and connected to an Arduino Leonardo.

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1. Overview
1.a. Features
1.b. Included Hardware
2. Contacting Pololu
3. Getting Started with an Arduino
3.a. What You Will Need
3.b. Assembly for Use as an Arduino Shield
3.c. Shield Connections: Signals, Power, and Motors
3.d. Programming Your Arduino
4. Using as a General-Purpose Motor Driver
4.a. Assembly for Use as a General-Purpose Motor Driver
4.b. Board Connections
5. Schematic Diagram
6. Customizing the Shield
6.a. Remapping the Arduino Connections
6.b. Accessing nD2 and nSF Pins Separately for Each Channel

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Pololu Dual MC33926 Motor Driver Shield for Arduino
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