Pololu 3pi Robot User’s Guide

Pololu 3pi robot, top view.

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1. Introduction
2. Contacting Pololu
3. Important Safety Warning and Handling Precautions
4. Getting Started with Your 3pi Robot
4.a. What You Will Need
4.b. Powering Up Your 3pi
4.c. Using the Preloaded Demo Program
4.d. Included Accessories
5. How Your 3pi Works
5.a. Batteries
5.b. Power management
5.c. Motors and Gearboxes
5.d. Digital inputs and sensors
5.e. 3pi Simplified Schematic Diagram
6. Programming Your 3pi
7. Example Project #1: Line Following
7.a. About Line Following
7.b. A Simple Line-Following Algorithm for 3pi
7.c. Advanced Line Following with 3pi: PID Control
8. Example Project #2: Maze Solving
8.a. Solving a Line Maze
8.b. Working with Multiple C Files in Atmel Studio
8.c. Left Hand on the Wall
8.d. The Main Loop(s)
8.e. Simplifying the Solution
8.f. Improving the Maze-Solving Code
9. Pin Assignment Tables
10. Expansion Information
10.a. Serial slave program
10.b. Serial master program
10.c. Available I/O on the 3pi's ATmegaxx8
11. Related Resources
12. Revision History and Errata

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