New products: D30V3x series step-down voltage regulators

Posted by Kevin on 20 March 2024
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We’re pleased to introduce the D30V3x line of step-down voltage regulators, our favorite new buck regulators for applications that need up to a few amps from input voltages up to 45 V. They can deliver between 1 A and 4 A of output current, depending on the input and output voltages, with very low dropout voltages. They also feature a power-good output for identifying when the output voltage is not being maintained, an enable pin with a precise threshold for turning off the regulator, and a soft-start feature that limits in-rush current and gradually ramps the output voltage on startup. The regulators include protections against reverse voltage (up to 40 V), input under-voltage, over-temperature, over-current, and short circuits.

The D30V3x line consists of the following three families:

  • The D30V30Fx regulators are compact, fixed-output versions available with output voltages from 3.3 V to 15 V.
  • The D30V30MAx regulators are compact, double-sided adjustable versions, with a precision-adjustable output voltage from 4.2 V to 15 V and an optional adjustable low-voltage cutoff.
  • The D30V33MAx regulators are larger adjustable versions with holes for terminal blocks and slightly higher maximum output current. These also have a precision-adjustable 4.2 V to 15 V output and an optional adjustable low-voltage cutoff.

Output voltage settings for the 4.2-15V Fine-Adjust Step-Down Voltage Regulator D30V3xMASx.

We’ve actually had the fixed-voltage versions available for a few months already, but we’ve just expanded the range with the release of the adjustable versions, which have multi-turn potentiometers for precisely setting the output voltage and/or low voltage cutoff. The following table shows all of the members of the D30V3x family:

Regulator Output voltage Typical max
output current1
Input voltage2 Adjustable
#4891: D30V30F3 3.3 V 3.7 A 3.3 V – 45 V 0.7″ × 0.8″
#4892: D30V30F5 5 V 3.4 A 5 V – 45 V
#4893: D30V30F6 6 V 3.3 A 6 V – 45 V
#4894: D30V30F7 7.5 V 3 A 7.5 V – 45 V
#4895: D30V30F9 9 V 2.9 A 9 V – 45 V
#4896: D30V30F12 12 V 2.8 A 12 V – 45 V
#4897: D30V30F15 15 V 2.7 A 15 V – 45 V
#4874: D30V30MASCMA 4.2 V – 15 V 3 A 4.2 V – 45 V 0.6″ × 1.0″
#4875: D30V30MAS
#4854: D30V33MASCMA 4.2 V – 15 V 3.3 A 4.2 V – 45 V 0.9″ × 1.2″
#4855: D30V33MAS
1At 30 V in. Actual achievable continuous output current is a function of input and output voltages and is limited by thermal dissipation.
2Operating voltage must be higher than the set output voltage and is subject to dropout voltage considerations.


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D30V3x Step-Down Voltage Regulators
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