New product: G2 High-Power Motor Driver 18v17

Posted by Kevin on 2 December 2015
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The Pololu G2 High-Power Motor Driver 18v17 is now available, joining its 24v13 sibling in our second-generation family of high-power motor drivers.

This discrete MOSFET H-bridge can supply a brushed DC motor with up to 17 A of continuous current at voltages between 6.5 V and 30 V. Compared to its predecessor, the G2 driver handles a little more current and offers features like reverse-voltage protection, current sensing, and current limiting. For more information, see its product page.


I am using the new G2 18V17 driver that has a sleeper function and having a problem getting it to function. I am using an Arduino and writing a high to an output pin and had no luck. I have measured the output pin and it is outputting 5V. I have also tried to power the SLP function directly from the 3.3V and 5V pins off the Arduino and had no luck? Any ideas on what it take to wake this driver up?

You did not include enough information in your post for me to tell what the issue is, but the blog is not an appropriate place for troubleshooting. I recommend posting your issue on the forum or contacting us via email with more information about your setup (e.g. pictures showing all the connections in your system, power supply, code). Please see our Support page for more details on getting technical support.

- Amanda

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