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New product: Sharp 15cm GP2Y0D815Z0F digital distance sensor

Posted by Ben on 12 September 2014
Tags: new products

Sharp’s optical rangefinders and distance sensors have long been a favorite among robot builders for quick, easy, and affordable obstacle detection. We are excited to add to our selection the new digital GP2Y0D815Z0F sensor, which can detect objects ranging from 15 cm (6″) to almost touching the sensor face. The GP2Y0D805 and GP2Y0D810 digital sensors we have had for years are great because of their small size, high sampling rate, and small minimum sensing distances, but their short detection ranges have limited their applications. We have always wanted a version that could see farther, and now we have one! We have the sensor available by itself and on a carrier that makes connecting and mounting it a lot more convenient.


I've a question about this sensor: How can I set the distance that must be detected from the sensor?

Hello, Marco.

The detection range on these sensors cannot be set; they are manufactured for specific detection ranges. If you want a shorter range, you might consider the GP2Y0D810 or GP2Y0D805 sensors. If you want a different detection range or want to be able to adjust the range, you might consider using one of the Sharp analog sensors with a comparator.

- Grant
Je suis déçu par ces capteurs 15cm, leur pouvoir de détection des objets à faible réflexion est vraiment mauvais en comparaison de la version 10 cm, je ne pourrais pas les utiliser pour mes mini sumos. J'en ai acheté 10 que je ne pourrai utiliser...
J'ai gagné la finale Française 2015 du tournoi mini Sumo avec la version 10 cm.

I am disappointed by these sensors 15cm, their power to detect objects with low reflection is really bad compared to the 10 cm version I could not use them for my mini sumos. I bought 10 I can not use ...
I won the French 2015 final mini Sumo tournament with version 10 cm

Congratulations on winning that tournament!

A few of us here are using the 15cm Sharp sensors on our mini-sumo robots, and they do not seem to be noticeably better or worse than the 10cm versions at detecting objects that do not reflect IR very well. If you want to look into this more, can you post the details of how you are using and comparing the two sensors on our forum ?

hey, I was just hoping to get some information on how to code on of these with the Arduino program and ideally how to get it to control a motor function.

Hello, Peter.

Theses GP2Y0D815Z0F sensors output a simple digital signal (low when detecting an object, high otherwise), so you can use Arduino's digitalRead() function to read them. For controlling motors, your Arduino code would depend on what kind of driver/controller you are using and what you wanted the motors to do based on the sensor reading. If you have specific questions or concerns, you might consider posting on our forum , which is a more appropriate place for discussing details like code.


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