New product: SparkFun Weather Shield for Arduino

Posted by Brandon on 28 January 2014
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Do you want to build your own weather monitoring station? This weather shield from SparkFun might be what you are looking for. In the form of an Arduino shield, this easy-to-use weather board can measure relative humidity, temperature, barometric pressure, and luminosity.

For more information, see the SparkFun Weather Shield for Arduino product page.


Recently purchased the Weather shield and am connecting power. I am attempting to interface the weather shield to a Digilent chipKIT Pro MX7 processor board. I connected +5V to the "VIN" Pin and ground to the GND pin. I measure 2.98V on the "5V" pin and 0.0V on the "3.3V".

I'm not sure what is going on. Where is the 5V supposed to be generated from? The schematic shows the "RAW" (connected to the "VIN" pin) signal is the input to the 3.3 voltage regulator. Is the text on the circuit board wrong?

It sounds like you are talking about the 5V and 3.3V connections on the right hand side of the shield. It looks like the 3.3V pin is not connected to the output of the 3.3V regulator, but just connected to the Arduino's 3.3V output. If you are supplying 5V on the VIN pin, the weather sensors on the board should still be getting power. Also, the 5V line is intended to be supplied from the Arduino, but it looks like it is only needed for 5V level shifter pull-ups, so you probably do not need it since you are using a 3.3V microcontroller.

If you have additional questions, I hope you post on our forum, which is a more appropriate place to troubleshoot your system.


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