New product: Adafruit Data Logging Shield for Arduino

Posted by Kevin on 14 January 2014
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This data logger shield from Adafruit provides an easy way for your Arduino to save data so you can process and analyze it later. It accepts any SD card formatted with a FAT16 or FAT32 file system, and it includes a real-time clock (RTC) for accurate timestamping of your data. Lots of documentation and resources are available from Adafruit to help you get started with the shield.

For more information, see the Adafruit Data Logging Shield for Arduino product page.


Would this be compatible with 3.3V arduinos? I'm guessing not, as it has a 5V level shifter.

It would depend on which board you are asking about. For a full list of compatible Arduino boards, you might try the Adafruit Shield Compatibility Guide:

Useful discussion - I Appreciate the details , Does someone know where my company might be able to get access to a blank a form form to work with ?

Its not clear what you are asking about; what blank form are you referring to?


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Adafruit Data Logging Shield for Arduino
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