New NEMA 17 stepper motor with optional integrated lead screw

Posted by Brandon on 16 January 2014
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We have added a compact, powerful new NEMA 17-size stepper motor to our wide selection of stepper motors. This 42×38 mm stepper motor is available with a standard 5 mm D-shaft for general-purpose use, but perhaps more exciting is the version with a 28 cm threaded rod, which turns it into a linear actuator capable of precision open-loop position control. This latter version has the stainless steel lead screw built right into the stepper motor, so there is no need to deal with extra hardware such as shaft couplers and set screws, and the copper alloy traveling nut with mounting holes is included. Raise your next project to new heights with the precision (40 µm per full step) and control of a stepper motor!

Please see the product pages for more information:

For other options, you can take a look at our full selection of stepper motors.


What motor driver are you using for the animation? Do you have a low voltage, high current stepper driver? Thanks.
For the animated GIF, we used our DRV8825 Stepper Motor Driver Carrier, High Current. If you are looking for a low-voltage stepper motor driver, you might consider our DRV8834 carrier, which can handle the same amount of current as the DRV8825, but operates from 2.5 V to 10.8 V.

Looking for such a leadscrew motor with a 3/8" (or 9/10mm) 20 tpi screw, 80 oz motor. Anything available?

PS theres no useful info on these ads about the ***leadscrew** and its critical, only stating the motor torque and thread dimensions is meaningless without stating the leadscrew efficiency factor (0.0xx in*lb/lb force). The single most important piece of info is missing.

Good price!
Sorry, retracting the "good price" comment. $29.99 with a longer leadscrew on line on Banggood.
Hello, Davec.

The NEMA 17 stepper motor with a 28 cm threaded rod is the only stepper motor with lead screw that we currently carry. We are looking into the efficiency factor you mentioned; do you have examples of places that specify it?

Hello, what is the thrust rating for this configuration? I assume the thrust produced by a load on the lead screw is NOT transferred to the motor and that there are internal bearing. What is the trust rating for these bearings?
Hello, Jan.

The datasheet for the stepper motor, which can be found under the "Resources" tab on the product page, gives a maximum axial force of 10N. Our expectation is that the axial load rating already takes any such bearings into account, making it equivalent to a linear force rating.

Can A4988 Stepper Motor Driver Carrier be used for running Stepper Motor with 28cm Lead Screw: Bipolar, 200 Steps/Rev, 42×38mm, 2.8V, 1.7 A/Phase? Can you specify a power source for the Motor as the rated voltage is 2.8V? Can 12 Volts be supplied to the motor?

The A4988 has a lower current limit than the rated current of the stepper motor, so it will limit the performance you can get from the stepper motor. To get more performance, you should consider a stepper motor driver with a greater current limit.

You can use a power supply with a voltage higher than the rated motor voltage if you use a driver with current limiting. You can read more about this in the first FAQ under the FAQs tab on the product page for the stepper motor.


Thank you for your reply. Can you please suggest me a driver for Stepper Motor with 28cm Lead Screw: Bipolar, 200 Steps/Rev, 42×38mm, 2.8V, 1.7 A/Phase if i want to run using 12 volts.
The MP6500 and DRV8825 stepper motor driver carriers are higher-power alternatives to the A4988 carrier you originally asked, and they generally can work well with that stepper motor, though you still won't be able to get the full 1.7 A rated current out of the stepper motor with them. If getting the full rated current is important for your application, you might consider the AMIS-30543 stepper motor driver.

By the way, you might also be interested in our Tic stepper motor controllers, which feature additional integrated processing and offer higher-level control interfaces like USB. The T500 and T825 are based on the same MP6500 and DRV8825 stepper motor drivers that are on the carriers I linked to above. With the Tics, it would be easy to temporarily raise the current limit for when you really need the extra torque and then lower it again before the driver overheats.


Is the lead screw replaceable? Can a longer lead screw be used in place of an existing one and if so, are there specifications on the lead screw itself?

Thank you,

The lead screw is built into the stepper motor and is not removable. We carry a few versions of this stepper motor with different lead screw lengths, including this one with a longer 38cm lead screw. Details about the screw can be found in the datasheet located in the "Resources" tab of the product page.

We can also customize the shaft length for special volume orders (typically at least a few hundred units). If you are interested in placing such an order, please email us.


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