Glideforce LACT8-1000BL Industrial-Duty Linear Actuator with Ball Screw Drive: 450kgf, 8" Stroke (6.8" Usable), 0.66"/s, 12V

Pololu item #: 3629
Brand: Concentric
RoHS 3 compliant

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This 12 V industrial-duty (ID) linear actuator uses an efficient ball screw drive to lift loads up to 450 kgf [1000 lbs or 4500 N] and withstand static loads up to 1360 kgf [3000 lbs or 13,600 N]. It has a maximum speed of 16.8 mm/s [0.66″/s] at no load and 14.3 mm/s [0.56″/s] at the maximum load. Limit switches at each end make the actuator easy to control over its full range of motion, and an overload clutch protects the actuator from being damaged by excessive loads. The shaft holds its position when unpowered. This version has a 8-inch stroke (6.8″ usable) and no feedback potentiometer.

Alternatives available with variations in these parameter(s): max linear force @ 12V nominal stroke length feedback potentiometer included? Select variant…

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