Pololu RC Switch with Medium Low-Side MOSFET

Pololu RC Switch with Medium Low-Side MOSFET
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This RC switch converts hobby radio control pulses to digital on/off signals and has an integrated medium, low-side MOSFET that allows it to drive moderate loads (up to around 15 A), such as lighting or small actuators. The activation threshold and direction are configurable, and a safe-start feature reduces the likelihood of unexpected activation. The board also includes a linear regulator that allows it to be powered with voltages between 2.5 V and 16 V.

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Size: 0.6″ × 0.825″
Weight: 1.2 g1

General specifications

Minimum operating voltage: 2.5 V
Maximum operating voltage: 16 V2
Maximum output current: 15 A


Without included optional headers and terminal block.
For the RC switch module. The load supply voltage should not exceed 30 V.