Hakko FR-300 Desoldering Tool with Carrying Case

Pololu item #: 2778
Brand: HAKKO
Status: Discontinued at Pololu 
RoHS 3 compliant

This product has been discontinued.

This is an easy-to-use tool from Hakko designed to remove solder from the pins on through-hole components on a PCB. It features a power switch, temperature control, and a quick-change nozzle system. This item includes a carrying case along with several maintenance accessories.

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This compact, hand-held desoldering tool from Hakko makes it easy to remove through-hole components from a PCB. The tool has several features that make it a great addition to soldering stations or workbenches, including a quick-change nozzle system, temperature control built into the handle, an integrated power switch to turn the tool off when not in use, and a 6 ft power cord to provide extra reach. This item includes a carrying case along with several maintenance accessories. Additional nozzles are available directly from Hakko.

A printed instruction manual is included with this item and is also available as a downloadable PDF (3MB pdf).

Hakko FR-300 Desoldering Tool with Carrying Case packaging.


  • Easy-to-clean solder recovery chamber minimizes maintenance and reduces waste
  • Fast release tool for the quick-change nozzle system
  • Closed-loop integrated heating system
  • Adjustable temperature control built into the handle
  • Includes storage case and maintenance accessories
  • 140 W 120 V
  • Ceramic heating element
  • 14 W motor output
  • 350 °C to 500 °C (660 °F to 930 °F) adjustable temperature
  • Meets or exceeds IPC J-STD-001 temperature stability and accuracy
  • Less than 2 Ω tip-to-ground resistance
  • Less than 2 mV tip-to-ground potential
  • Single-cylinder diaphragm pump vacuum source
  • 81 kPa (610 mmHg / 24″ HG) vacuum pressure
  • 0.52 kg weight without case or cord
  • 1.8 m (6 ft) cord length
  • N50 series nozzles (includes 1 N50-04 (ø1.0mm) standard)
  • MET Laboratories NRTL safety approval

Included parts

Hakko FR-300 Desoldering Tool with Carrying Case with included parts.

  • FR300-05 desoldering tool
  • C5000 tool case
  • C5003 iron holder (simple)
  • B5015 quick-change nozzle tool
  • B5017 filter pipe (installed)
  • B5016 aluminum pre-filter (1 installed / 1 replacement)
  • A1033 ceramic filter (1 installed / 1 replacement)
  • B1087 cleaning pin for ø1.0 mm nozzles
  • B1085 cleaning pin for heating element
  • N50-04 ø1.0 mm desoldering nozzle (installed)

Note: This product is Hakko item number FR300-05/P.

Note: This desoldering tool is not a toy. The desoldering tip becomes very hot during use. Children should only use this with appropriate supervision and protection, such as safety glasses.

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