MP3 Trigger

Pololu item #: 2195
Brand: SparkFun

This product has been discontinued.

This board has replaced by the newer MP3 Trigger V24, which includes firmware improvements that make it easier to use without needing a separate microcontroller.

Make some noise with your next project! The MP3 Trigger board is built to make MP3 sound integration easy. The board has 18 external trigger pins that will directly trigger pre-selected MP3 tracks, and a full-duplex serial control port that provides remote triggering for up to 256 tracks and fast, real-time volume control. MP3s are played from a FAT16 formatted SDSC or FAT32 formatted SDHC micro-SD flash memory cards (required but not included). In addition, it achieves 192 Kbps stereo playback from a wide range of cards.

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