Maxbotix XL-MaxSonar-AE2 Sonar Range Finder MB1320

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This ultrasonic (sonar) range finder features real-time automatic calibration and noise rejection resulting in virtually noise-free distance readings even in environments with changing acoustic and electrical noise. The sensor detects objects from 0 to 7.65 m (25 ft) and has a resolution of 1 cm (0.4") for distances beyond 20 cm (8"). The XL-MaxSonar works from 3.3 to 5V and peaks at only 0.5 W of power consumption.

The EZ0 / AE0, EZ1 / AE1, EZ2 / AE2, EZ3 / AE3, and EZ4 / AE4 versions have progressively narrower beam angles.

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Size: 0.870" x 0.785" x 0.989"
Weight: 6.1 g

General specifications

Resolution: 1 cm
Maximum range: 7.65 m
Minimum range: 0 cm1
Sampling rate: 10 Hz
Baud: 9600 bps
Minimum operating voltage: 3.3 V
Maximum operating voltage: 5 V
Supply current: 3.4 mA2


Objects closer than 20 cm are reported as 20 cm.
At 5 V (2.1 mA at 3.3 V).

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